Is There Something In This?
Is There Something In This?
#54: So I Married a Donkey Farmer

#54: So I Married a Donkey Farmer

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Welcome back for another episode of Is There Something In This? Dools and Chatto are back in the writer’s room, slinging zingers, avoiding Obvious Ocean Liners and vying for the Outback Steakhouse Pick-of-the-Week®!

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This week we get stuck into:

In this week's episode we discuss...

• Marital spats over Woolen hats

• Scott’s Outback Steakhouse Pick-of-the-Week®

• Three Card Flipper

• Finally, the feature nobody asked for: 📢Sound effects!

• The return of Talking Babies at a Bar

• The best equipment for the worst content thanks to our friends at Røde Microphones

• Bad tidings of March madness

• Mispronouncing Timothy Chamalamaley

• Drunken New York Movie hecklers

• Eric the God

• Cooper the forever toddler

• Sophie wants a Sofa

• Why does Chatfield have three Roombas?

• Chatto’s dog is a squid

• Robot Vacuum Wars

• Bigfoot in a shoe store

• A New slogan for OnlyFans

• Parisian Olympic Events

• The return of Hell’s Waiting Room

• The CEO of Boeing gets shown the door-shaped hole

• Critical mass for Rules of En"gag"ment

• Darth Brooks

• When Preparation Met Opportunity (at a book party)

• Algorithms burying new friends

• Vacation couple relationships

• Zen Donkey Juice

• Finsta lessons

• Dools on the Ones and Twos

…and not much else!

Listener suggestions this week come from @Nelsonic and @Joe Ayella (Feat. another Sopranos reference and the triumphant return of Members-Only jacket Guy)

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Is There Something In This?
Is There Something In This?
New York-based Australian comedians Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield ruminate on cartoon ideas over a couple of beers each week.