Is There Something In This?
Is There Something In This?
#53: Soft Launching Scott’s Baby Like a Teenager With a New Boyfriend

#53: Soft Launching Scott’s Baby Like a Teenager With a New Boyfriend

There is Son-thing in This!
Photo: Mike Bryk

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Welcome back for another episode of Is There Something In This? Dools and Chatto are back in the writer’s room, slinging zingers, avoiding Obvious Ocean Liners and vying for the Outback Steakhouse Pick-of-the-Week®!

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This week we get stuck into:

  • Plugs in the front, party in the back

  • Christmas Tree Watch 2024: Day 84

  • Scott shares the dangers of unprotected s_x

  • Soft launching a baby like a teenager with a new boyfriend

  • Dish hand Dad

  • Vegan adventures at Eleven Madison Park

  • Burger mist at Wendy’s

  • GIFs of Glitch McConnell

  • Garth Brooks’ Least Great Hits

  • The Gay mafia Rico case

  • Clickbait from The Jets

  • Champagne coup milk bottles

  • Text message cryptology

  • Emotional Support Pony

  • Pistols at dawn versus high noon

  • Saltburn ad-libs

  • Alexander Graham Bell says “Put my wife on”

  • Early voicemail

  • A Bitcoin for your thoughts?

  • Perth is the Jamaica of Western Australia

  • The legend of Doctor Kush

  • Finally: the secret to getting a telemarketer to hang up on YOU

  • Free Bible Course VS. 99c Bible Course

  • Jerry Seinfeld at the Dermatologist

  • North Star GPS

  • Squintfest 2024

  • Throwing Shade(s) at Robert De Niro

  • The Howling Music Festival

  • A Sopranos reference about the lack of Sopranos references


  • Jill K: “Does it come in Morally Grey?”

  • Paul N: “Cat on the therapist’s couch”

…and not much more!

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Is There Something In This?
Is There Something In This?
New York-based Australian comedians Scott Dooley and Jason Chatfield ruminate on cartoon ideas over a couple of beers each week.